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Add changelog for 38.0.0

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title: Search Guard 7.x-38.0.0
slug: changelog-searchguard-7.x-38_0_0
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layout: changelogs
description: Changelog for Search Guard 7.x-38.0.0
<!--- Copyright 2019 floragunn GmbH -->
# Search Guard 7.x-38.0.0
**Release Date: 24.12.2019**
* [Upgrade Guide from 6.x to 7.x](../_docs_installation/
## Security Fixes
## Features
* Add Proxy2 auth module which provides support for client cert trust and additional attributes
## Fixes
* Trigger AuditLog when immutable index access attempted
* [BREAKING] HTTP return code changed from 409 to 403 when access to immutable index is attempted
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