Commit 6af57009 authored by Jochen Kressin's avatar Jochen Kressin
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Merge branch '7.x' into 7.x-36

parents c5abf446 dbf9f501
......@@ -285,6 +285,7 @@ eol:
#esv |sgv |kbv |available|kbn-artifact-id
- 7.5.2|40.0.0|40.1.0|yes|search-guard-kibana-plugin-7
- 7.5.1|40.0.0|40.1.0|yes|search-guard-kibana-plugin-7
- 7.5.0|40.0.0|40.1.0|yes|search-guard-kibana-plugin-7
- 7.4.2|40.0.0|40.1.0|yes|search-guard-kibana-plugin-7
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