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title: Docker Demo
html_title: Docker Demo
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description: Use the Search Guard Docker image to quickly spin up a Search Guard equipped Elasticsearch and Kibana instance.
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# Docker Demo
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To quickly try out Search Guard and Signals Alerting, you can use our demo Docker image. The image comes with a one node Elasticsearch cluster and Kibana, both already have Search Guard Security and Signals Alerting pre-installed.
To start the image, run:
docker run -ti -p 9200:9200 -p 5601:5601 floragunncom/sgdemo
After the container is up and Elasticsearch and Kibana have started, you can access Kibana on:
Elasticsearch runs on:
The container uses self-signed certificates, so your browser might issue a warning when accessing the Elasticsearch cluster.
The container comes with some pre-installed demo users. For full access and to configure new roles and permissions, use ```admin/admin``` for login.
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Signals, our free Enterprise Alerting solution for Elasticsearch, has been released! [Signals docs](elasticsearch-alerting-getting-started).
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## Docker Demo
To try out Search Guard and Signals quickly, you can use the Search Guard Demo Docker image:
docker run -ti -p 9200:9200 -p 5601:5601 floragunncom/sgdemo
After the container is up, open
http://localhost:5601 to access Kibana
to access Kibana. For login, use `admin/admin`.
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## Quick Links
| Security | Alerting |
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