Commit 7e651af1 authored by Jochen Kressin's avatar Jochen Kressin
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#18 check if sg_tenant is whitelisted

parent c402d148
......@@ -139,6 +139,14 @@ export default function (kibana) {
if(config.get('searchguard.multitenancy.enabled')) {
// sanity check - header whitelisted?
var headersWhitelist = config.get('elasticsearch.requestHeadersWhitelist');
if (headersWhitelist.indexOf('sg_tenant') == -1) {'No tenant header found in whitelist. Please add sg_tenant to elasticsearch.requestHeadersWhitelist in kibana.yml');
require('./lib/multitenancy/routes')(pluginRoot, server, this, APP_ROOT, API_ROOT);
require('./lib/multitenancy/headers')(pluginRoot, server, this, APP_ROOT, API_ROOT);
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