Commit 1caeaa48 authored by Nils Bandener's avatar Nils Bandener
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......@@ -27,11 +27,17 @@ build_and_deploy:
- cd ../sg-suite; mvn -Drevision=b-$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME-SNAPSHOT -DskipTests -s settings.xml clean install ; cd ../sg-suite-enterprise
- mvn -Drevision=b-$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME-SNAPSHOT -s settings.xml clean verify #run tests
#saving unittests reports in different folder before removing them on next step
- cp -r /builds/private/sg-suite/sgbuild0/sg-suite/signals/target/surefire-reports /builds/private/sg-suite/sgbuild0/ || true
- mvn -Drevision=b-$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME-SNAPSHOT -DskipTests -s settings.xml clean deploy #deploy snapshot
#- missing: veracode, coverage, srcclr, sonar,
#saving unittests reports
when: always
- sgbuild0/surefire-reports/
- sgbuild0/sg-suite/signals/target/surefire-reports
#only used in merge request so far, so it makes not much sense to upload them
# reports:
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